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3D Tower inspections & Asset Management with AI

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The only integrated software to inspect and manage Cell Towers and Equipment rooms in 3D

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Access cell tower inspections and assets online in 3D

The Digital Twin: an unlimited virtual world

With our Cell Tower-AI software all your tower and equipment assets are readily available in an unlimited, powerful environment.
Access all vital information, manage all assets, and perform detailed Tower and Equipment room inspections from anywhere at any time. Access the Cell Tower network via the integrated GIS and, improve your overall efficiency through the use of 3D, AI and deep machine learning.
Digital Twin cell tower software

3D Tower inspections & Asset Management with AI

Cell Tower-AI: is our cell tower software for the digitalization, inspection, maintenance, and management of cell tower assets.

Maintaining as-built records of all Tower assets in a Digital Twin is indispensable in asset management.

Cell Tower-AI offers an effective, timely, and complete response to these needs, achievable within previously unthinkable time frames and price ranges.

Digitalization of the cell towers, antennas, cabling, equipment, cabinets and racks, in 3D, in full detail.

The integrated AI identifies cell tower antennas and equipment and creates maintenance alerts.

Reduce management costs and reduce the number of potentially risky tower inspections with remote inspections and automatic alerts.

Cell tower inspection looking for erosion using AI in our Cell Tower Software

Why choose our Cell Tower software?

3D modeling advantages

Our software improves safety, minimizing the risk of accidents at work by creating 3D models quickly and accurately using the most widespread drones in the market and utilizing autonomous navigation.

AI and deep machine learning

  • Detect and identify your antennas and equipment
  • Find empty spaces, antenna slots, automatically
  • If erosion occurs, create alerts automatically
  • Reduce the amount of physical tower inspections

Why is Cell Tower-AI at the forefront?

 At our core, we understand the critical role that detailed asset management plays in maintaining and optimizing the Cell Tower network. Our software is designed for operators who demand a higher level of control and insight into their Cell Tower network infrastructure, ensuring peak performance and reliability.

Drone and Mobile images

Leveraging the cutting-edge capabilities of Online Cell Tower inspections, our platform integrates advanced drone technology and mobile camera systems. This not only streamlines the inspection process but also significantly reduces the risks and costs associated with manual inspections. Our intuitive interface allows for comprehensive analysis and reporting, providing actionable insights that lead to better-informed decision-making. 

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AI driven efficiency

At the heart of our offering is AI-assisted implementation, a feature designed to automate and enhance the efficiency of tower maintenance and updates. This AI-driven approach not only speeds up the process but also ensures accuracy and compliance with industry standards. The system’s intelligence extends to generating and managing checklists, enabling customizations that align with specific operational requirements.

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Integration with existing asset systems

Understanding the diverse ecosystem of tools and platforms in the telecommunications industry, our cell tower software is engineered for flexible integration with existing asset systems. This interoperability ensures a seamless flow of data and processes, enhancing the overall operational efficiency of your network management.

3D and The Digital Twin

Central to our technology is the implementation of 3D4U, our Digital Twin system. This revolutionary feature provides a virtual representation of your cell towers, offering a comprehensive view of your assets that is both detailed and easily accessible. The Digital Twin framework not only facilitates better asset management but also supports the predictive maintenance model, significantly reducing downtime and extending the life of your infrastructure.

Quick and cost effective

Our commitment to providing a quick and cost-effective solution is evident in every aspect of our platform. From the initial setup to ongoing operations, we focus on minimizing costs without compromising on quality or functionality. The result is a robust, intelligent solution that empowers cell tower operators to achieve their goals with unprecedented efficiency and accuracy.

Intelligent choice

Our Cell Tower-AI Software and Asset Management platform is the intelligent choice for operators seeking a professional, engineering-focused approach to tower network management. By combining detailed asset management with the latest in digital inspection and AI-assisted operations, we provide a solution that is not only ahead of its time but also firmly grounded in the real-world needs of the telecommunications industry.

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The Cell Tower-AI asset management software

The Digital twin

Cell Tower assets & equipment digitalized. 360-degree 3D models and Virtual 3D, virtual inspections, photographs, customizable reports, specifications, and all other documentation readily available. 

AI algorithms streamline the registration and digitalization of the cell tower network and the maintenance of existing structures, facilitating real-time decision-making and predictive updates. 

Innovation and excellence

In the dynamic realm of asset management, precision and detail are paramount. Our advanced platform is meticulously designed to cater to the nuanced demands of managing extensive networks, offering an unparalleled level of oversight and control over every aspect of your assets, starting from their Geographical Position to the intricacies of Technical Details.

Integrated GIS

Central to our platform’s capabilities is the precision mapping of the Geographical Position of each asset, providing operators with accurate location data that is essential for efficient management and deployment. The integrated GIS and its geographical clarity ensures that resources are allocated optimally, minimizing downtime and enhancing the responsiveness of maintenance teams.

Technical precision

The Technical Details of each asset are cataloged with meticulous attention to ensure that operators have immediate access to comprehensive specifications. This detailed record-keeping forms the backbone of strategic planning and operational excellence, enabling precise decision-making based on reliable data.

360-degree 3D models

Our platform revolutionizes asset visualization through the integration of 360-degree 3D models. This innovative feature allows for an immersive inspection experience, offering a panoramic view that captures every angle and detail of the asset. The 3D model is complemented by High-Resolution Photos that provide a clear and detailed view of the assets’ condition, facilitating accurate assessments and timely interventions.

Notes & Documentation

Notes & Documentation are seamlessly integrated into the platform, allowing for the efficient management of critical information. This feature ensures that all relevant data, from installation manuals to compliance certificates, is easily accessible, streamlining the documentation process and enhancing operational efficiency.

Predictive maintenance

Maintenance Records are meticulously maintained within the platform, providing a chronological history of each asset’s upkeep and interventions. This invaluable resource aids in predictive maintenance planning, identifying patterns or recurring issues that may signal the need for preventive measures, thus extending the lifespan of the asset.

A comprehensive approach

All Asset-Related Information is organized and presented in a user-friendly manner, ensuring that operators have a holistic view of their assets. This comprehensive approach to asset management encompasses all facets of information, from warranty details to performance metrics, offering a complete overview that supports informed strategic decisions.

Our solution stands as a testament to our commitment to innovation and excellence in the field of asset management. By offering a platform that encompasses Geographical Position, Technical Details, immersive 360 degrees 3D models, High-Resolution Photos, integrated Notes & Documentation, detailed Maintenance Records, and a wealth of other Asset-Related Information, we empower operators to manage their assets with an unprecedented level of precision and efficiency.


Cell Tower-AI is a product of NewChangerTech (NCT) with headquarters in Rome, Italy. 

Cell Tower-AI is a proven solution, with over 14.500 Cell towers digitalized. 

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